Saturday, August 28, 2010


So, Bryn will be starting her first day of day care soon. Just guess how much its going to cost me.... $400 a month. Ya, I am moving out of my apartment, no way I can afford everything. I really like this day care too. I meet her teacher... yes she actually has a TEACHER! And she has outside play time and they'll help me potty train her, which is good because its kinda hard to potty train when your never home. You have to depend on everyone else, which sucks, but what can you do. I think she'll love it because she'll be learning and playing and she already gets along with all the kids, she got mad at me when I said it was time to go. So hopefully this is a good thing....
I have officially gotten a college interview everyone! Yes I'm going on Tuesday morning before work. I am going to be a vet tech, and hopefully become an actual vet. I realized that I have absolutely no talent, in anything, but I know I have a big heart and love everyone and everything. So I know that I would be good at a vet, or even a nurse, but I tend to snap at cranky people, so I prefer animals... they don't talk back. Anyway thats all for now. Bryn and I are doing good. I love my girl more than anything. She cracks me up. She knows she's "mommy's princess"

Saturday, April 24, 2010

New Blog

I have a new blog everyone! Its

Monday, February 15, 2010

The Wait

So it's been a really really long time, its been a rough few months. Brynlee is growing up so fast and learning everything, she had her 2nd birthday in december and she looks so grown up. I need to post pictures. She is being potty trained right now and I let her take her diaper off so she could sit on the potty and she ended up pooping on our bedroom floor, very yummy smelling. Anyway it has been so tough these last few months. I work full time now and I feel like I never get to see her. Poor girl. My mom has been good to watch her though. Anyway thats all for now.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Introducing the Redmons

In no particular order (since they are out of order) the wedding pictures! Congrats you two!

The end of a wonderful evening, have a wonderful life together!
The happy couple
Here is my brother dancing with his daughter, she is a senior this year.... Such a cute dad

The Bride, Jimyl, and the Groom, Tod. I know I know your all thinking they look like Barbie and Ken, or Models.

Jimyls proud family, she is the oldest and the first to get married

Brynlee, Chris and me.

Here is Hydee, Beautiful as ever, and Emy

Love Zachs suit, so adorable

I know every girl says this, but I look really wide, I need to run some more, anyways.... My niece looked absolutely stunning wouldn't you say?

3 years ago this is where chris and I were married, Bryn loved this gazebo

My beautiful girl

heres to you part 1

My niece just got married on the 28th of november, I can't believe it. But I couldn't imagine a better guy for her, so congrats. I need to upload my pictures, but it may take awhile because this computer is really slow, so for now congradulations on your marriage, everything turned out beautiful! And Jimyl looked as beautiful as ever. They were married in the Bountiful Temple and had a reception at the Chantilly Mansion. I'm really happy for the both of you, welcome to the fam Tod. Till next time with the pics......

Monday, November 16, 2009

These past few weeks have been terribly hard. You can never predict what'll happen in life, you wish it would go one way and it always seems to be the opposite. I know that things can get better though. Things can only get bad for so long before they get better. Right? I know that life it hard, it is never easy, but I also know that you are never alone. There is always some one voting for you to succeed in life, whether you don't believe in yourself or not, they do. They are counting on you to pull through. And sometimes that is all you need to know. To know that someone believes that you can make a difference. I believe that I can make a difference, the question is... do you? Think about it.